About the Author

A.C. Haskins is an economist, historian, aspiring novelist, and occasional philosopher.  Professionally, he began his career as a US Army Officer, where he served as an advisor to the Afghan National Army, as a scout and tank platoon leader, a Task Force executive officer, and in numerous staff positions.  Since leaving the Army, he has worked as a business consultant specializing in risk management and high reliability system design for high-risk industries, with a focus on complex systems theory and behavioral economics.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in International History (with a core sequence in Environmental Engineering) from the US Military Academy and a Master of Science in Advanced Economic Theory from Purdue University.  He is an avid reader and collector of books, a connoisseur of whiskey and vodka, a fitness enthusiast, and an occasional firearms instructor.  And he has spent the better part of a decade on a campaign against stupidity, wherever he finds it.